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Support & Security Plans

There are any number of things you might need changed on your Website each month. From text changes, to new pages or even investigating a new plugin to add a completely new functionality to your Website. Our Plans have you covered!


Support & Security Plans

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Our Features

All Support Plans Include:

WordPress Updates

Keeping your WordPress Website Updated is critical to protecting your online business. 

Site Core Elements

Plugins and Theme updating ensures a smooth running and safe website. 

24/7 Support

SecureWeb has your back! we are here supporting our clients 24/7, when you need us. 

Keeping You Updated

Weekly or Monthly reporting, so you know whats going on!

Backing Your Site Up

Our core principle is back up everything!! We take care of your website.

Dedicated Hosting

All our Hosting services use a dedicated server.. Not shared, so we can offer superior secure Hosting for your business.  

Malware Scans

We constantly monitor all our client websites, ensuring that any malicious looking activity is dealt with immediately.

SSL Certicates

We offer all our clients who use our Hosting services Free SSL Certification. 

Google Analytics

Is a web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic. 

Why Choose SecureWeb?

Once you have trusted your Website to SecureWeb, your bouts of wrestling with WordPress will come to an end. We’ll take care of all things WordPress, from Development, to Security, to Site Updates and MUCH more…. Malware Cleanup and Bugs are handled by our Security Partners at Sucuri. All our Services are designed at keeping your Website Secure, Updated, Backed Up and running smoothly

Built to Last

Keeping Your Data Safe & Protecting Your Companies Reputation

Keeping Your Website Safe & Secure

We monitor for vulnerabilities and patch immediately. Using our advanced monitoring system that automatically runs checks to ensure sites are working as they should.

Malware Removal - Phishing Activity

WordPress is a frequently Hacked target for a number of reasons. It can be extended with a vast array of Plugins and Themes. Hacking syndicates compete to find vulnerabilities and exploit Websites.

Protecting Trust and Reputation

All WordPress Websites are the storefront for your business. If a Website is down, if a homepage is defaced, or if attackers compromise sensitive customer data, this can cause major damage to brand and reputation

Client Control

Better Stats = More Control

We give all our clients the ability to fully monitor all their website activity. Including how secure they are and who is visiting their online business. Our core principle at SecureWeb is making every website as secure as possible without slowing the sites down.

We take great pride in being the shield in the back ground, so our clients don’t need to worry about the technical aspect of their online business as they know it’s in safe hands.

Pro Active Security Monitoring

Web Application Firewall

Hack Cleanup & Malware Removal

Smart Caching Options

Satisfaction Guaranteed

24/7 Award Winning Support

WE have an Award Winning Technical Support Team. Our team is here to help, wherever you are, whatever you need.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We hope that you are fully satisfied with all aspects of the service and security ability that SecureWeb has to offer. But in the event you feel we have failed, we will refund your money within the first 30 days.

Free Website Audit

We will login to your existing website and perform a complete audit on your site. This site health check will show you how fit and healthy your website really is. There’s no catch, we simply want you to have the best options in front of you, when making decisions concerning your online business…